iGenius’ Right Brain Training Programme activates the less-utilised right brain to work in synergy with the left brain so greater brain power can be achieved.

What do you get when Education Psychology, Gifted Education Pedagogy and Neuro-linguistic Programming come together? A state-of-the-art programme that unlocks the untapped learning potential of your child and unleashes the treasures within!

At iGenius, a team of dedicated panel of advisors consultants and passionate educators with a shared vision
have come together to harness their wealth of experiences from various teaching fields – background in early childhood education, special needs, music & movement and speech & drama to bring you a truly outstanding programme.

iGenius’ Educators

Teachers at iGenius undergo weekly in-house training to stay up-to-date with Right Braining Training, children and class management methods.

“Livni has been with iGenius since March 2010. She has developed a fantastic memory and her attention span and concentration levels have increased. Most importantly, she’s enjoying the class, and that’s the most important part of learning!” says Mrs. Chua, mother of Livni.

Its popular Right Brain Training programme activates the less-utilised right brain to work in synergy with the left brain so greater brain power can be achieved through holisitic approach. This boosts learning by developing and sharpening the right brain’s memory, visualisation skills, intuition and creativity.

With improved concentration, speed in data processing and creativity, learning becomes fun and requires less effort. These skills work in synergy to lay a strong foundation for lifelong learning, a key advantage in today’s world.


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