You love your child; you’ll do anything in the world for those little adorable ones. But how do show them your love? Five mums open up and tell us.

“Kids need a lot of reassurance. They need their parents to be there with them. I try my best to spend a lot of time with them. When I was doing my post-graduate training in Anaesthesia, I had to stay in for night calls. My kids used to be very upset. They just love having me around especially when they go to sleep. In the end, I decided to give up my trainingship to spend more time with them, especially at night. Now, I am practicing as a general practitioner and I am able to be there for my two kids when they need me. They are happy and so am I!” – Dr Chan Miow-Swan, 35, family physician, mother of two, aged 7 & 8.

“I show a lot of care and concern to my boys. I always want to be there for them. I believe a mother should always be available when kids need them. Good communication is very important. I always tell them I am like their friend. No matter how serious an issue, I talk it out with them. I also think body language is very important. I cuddled my boys a lot when they were kids. My boy used to sit on my lap when he was sad or stressed! Now I give them hugs to reassure them.” – Tan Siew Chian, 49, homemaker, mother of two, aged 12 and 15.

“I think being interactive with the children is most important. My son loves stories. I don’t just tell him stories, I actually act out the stories with my son, and sing and dance along with him. We also buy him lots of toys, especially my husband. Sometimes, it is a way to make up for the time he can’t spend with him when he is busy at work. My son often climbs onto my lap when I am doing my work. He then says ‘Mummy, stop work!’ I never hesitate and just throw my work aside and play with him. Although I stay up late to finish my work after he sleeps, I know whenever he wants me, I am there for him, and I’d always want to be there for him.” –Rajeswari, 29, Marketing Co-ordinator, mother of two, aged 1 and 3.

“Read, read and read! That’s what my kids love me to do. It has always been a bedtime ritual and no matter how much my work piles up, I rush home everyday for my special time with my children. And they too would refuse to fall asleep til they’ve had their stories. They’re turning out to be such great book lovers – a lovely consequence!” – Sharon Tan, Teacher, 37, mother of two, aged 4 and 6.

“Lots of hugs. I believe in touch and its wonderful calming affect on my girl .” – Cynthia Lau, 29, mother of an 18- month-old toddler.