Find lots of interactive play and creative language activities in these classes for budding learners.

Tien Hsia Language School 

What’s recommended :

First Step Nursery Programme

Age range : 3- 4 years old

What’s special?

  • Small ratio of 1:6
  • Introduce Chinese to young learners through a fun and play-based approach.
  • Recite songs and rhymes with music and movement.
  • Motivate them to speak Mandarin in a “Chinese only” environment.
  • Acquire listening skills during story time
  • Recognise basic Chinese characters and learn their usage.
  • Learn the basic writing strokes, which are the building blocks of Chinese characters.

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Berries World Of Learning

What’s recommended : 
Little Bites & Little Chinese

Age range : 3-4 years old

What’s special?

  • Stimulates interest in reading through short sentences created using familiar words
  • Thematic nursery rhymes initiate interest and refine  language skills
  • Craftwork opens the door to creativity and imagination
  • Story-telling and game sessions encourage participation and teaches  characters.

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Hua Language Centres

What’s recommended : 
Preschool Founation Programme

Age range : 2-6 years old

What’s special?
• Warm and non-threatening learning
• Young and lively team of pre-school teachers
•  An array of creative teaching aids
•  Early exposure to mandarin in an interactive
•  Fascinating and memorable learning activities.

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Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning

What’s recommended :
Play Nest
Age range : 6- 18 months old
What’s special?

  • Play Nest Studios are specially designed with babies and toddlers in mind (6-18 months)
  • Developmentally appropriate toys and equipment.
  • Children play and learn in a  stimulating and nurturing environment.
  • Each session involves interactive, language-rich learning
  • Lots of activities including music, art and craft, stories, puppets and snack time.


Spring Language Centre 

What’s recommended :

Chinese Preparatory Course
Age range : 4-6 years old
What’s special?

  • 4 aspects of learning –   listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Cosy learning facilities
  • Wide variety of teaching resources
  • Effective teaching methods, e.g. learning words using pictures/body language/ Hanyu pinyin /
  • Riddles and phonics stories which stimulate enthusiasm towards learning Chinese.
  • Helps to lay a good foundation in preparation for admission into

primary one.

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Julia Gabriel Centre For Learning                     

What’s recommended :

Chinese Cultural Arts

Age range : 3-6 years old

What’s special?

  • A carefully planned curriculum developed by consultant professors of drama and language from the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing
  • Conducted by full-time qualified performing arts teachers
  • Fosters interest, enjoyment, appreciation and enthusiasm for the Chinese language
  • Combines four disciplines – drama, visual arts, dance and music, immersing children in enjoyable aspects of Chinese culture

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Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning

What’s recommended :
Mandarin Play Club
Age range : 18 months – 3.5 years old

What’s special?


  • An introduction to key concept words, numbers, shapes and colours
  • Organised in interesting child centred themes
  • Activities such as indoor and outdoor play, music, art and craft, storybooks, speech and drama.

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