You know it’s good for your child to get 60 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity at least 5 days a week. But how do you find time for that in an already packed schedule? Here’s the good news. 60 minutes of physical activity can be accumulated in short blocks of 5-10 minutes throughout the day. And that includes sports sessions in school.

Daily Routine

Moderate-intensity physical activities are those that result in a slight increase in heart rate and breathing. Go for brisk-walking, swimming and cycling, inline skating, play Frisbee or
incorporate physical activity into your child’s daily routine.

Be An Active Role model

Stay active together and be a good role model. Walk them to their destination instead of waiting for the bus. Taking the lift? Instead, use the stairs.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Make being active a lifestyle for your child. Encourage him to pick up a new sport or an active hobby. Let him dance to a favourite music when taking a break from school work. Enlist his help for household chores such as mopping and sweeping the floor.

Limit Screen Time

Limit your children’s time spent on sedentary activities like playing computer games and watching TV. Substitute it with fun outdoor activities with your child. Or make screen time active time – challenge your child to do leg lifts during commercial breaks.

Active Outings

Reward your child with an active family day out. Visit the nearest park in your neighbourhood or skip the tram rides at your next zoo trip and take long walks.

Active Gifts  

Give your child gifts that promote an active lifestyle. Consider a jump rope or Frisbee. Help your child make an active choice – choose toys that encourage physical activity like the basketball over handheld or video games.

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