Lessons At Lorna Whiston Are Designed With Your Child’s Future In Mind

In a nation, where raising effective communicators remains the pillar of its Education system, the emphasis on embracing English cannot be overlooked. And while parents desire their children to flourish in this language, a curriculum skewed towards rote learning is not enough for the child to succeed.  At Lorna Whiston, the focus is on real learning where children are taught to be critical and independent thinkers, equipped to be confident communicators for the 21st century.

At Lorna Whiston, all lessons are structured to foster a natural inclination towards learning English. This is made possible through its various programmes, reaching out to a diverse range of age and ability, to improve reading, writing and phonics. Programmes are well-planned and carried out in a suitable way for handling pre-primary, primary and secondary level students. Personalised supervision from qualified teachers further helps students in stoking their enthusiasm and understanding of the language.

Conducive classrooms, bright and colorful, play key roles in harnessing the creative talents of the students, making learning fun and memorable.

English Enrichment Programme

This programme is offered for nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary level students on developing their skills in speaking, learning, reading and writing. Lessons focus on helping students plan, draft, write, analyse, evaluate, edit and improve upon their communication skills both spoken and written.

Fun with Phonics for Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2

This creative learning programme, adopting a multi-sensoria approach, uses puppets, puzzles, stories, songs, rhymes, art and craft activities and phonic games, to instil the intrinsic importance of phonics.

PSLE Preparatory Programme for Primary 6

This programme is designed to help your child acquire competency in her preparation for the national examination, with the main emphasis on improving grammar including synthesis, transformation and vocabulary, in carrying out effective discussions and writing.

Success with Writing for Primary 1 to Primary 3

This programme is meant for developing fundamental writing skills, specifically for students with a weak foundation on this language.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

–          Chinese Proverb

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