A fun-filled yet systematic approach towards learning art by GLOBAL ART

Welcome to Global Art Creative Art Program- a structured syllabus, carefully crafted to cater to children with different drawing capabilities to suit the children’s individual learning pace. Here students are encouraged to develop their artistic skills, broaden their creative thinking, and deepen their interest in art. To facilitate this learning, this program offers 8 carefully designed levels to allow children of ages 4 to 18 to participate and enjoy the courses progressively. Some of the benefits include personal development that increases creative expression, self-discovery, self-esteem and self-concept, followed by skill development which develops into drawing and colouring skills and finally brain development that helps stimulate child’s memory and understanding while triggering strong emotional associations. Global Art main programs include:


Children who first join the program are given an assessment to start them at a suitable level. During the course, children with good potential will be encouraged to work on more complicated subjects.

Foundation Level (age 4-6)

 – Introduces the student to the basics of drawing and colouring using oil pastels. Kids will learn basic colour knowledge and proper handling of materials.

Pre-Basic (age 7-9)

– Introduces student to the fundamentals of drawing using reference/shapes to understanding linear perspective.

 Basic Level (age 9-12)

Work with oil pastels. Student will learn to draw through use of shapes, layer their picture to construct their masterpiece.

Intermediate and advance (age 13-18)

Work with poster colours and oil pastels to further their composition skills and drawing expressiveness. It involves proper handling of drawing and painting materials and principle of design.


Focus on colour study, grid drawings, canvas painting and also semi-abstract painting. Students will learn to master the foundation of painting skills and techniques.


Allow children to enhance their creativity by adding life and stories to unique characters.


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