Nurture a brainiac with the help of CMA Institute’s  Abacus-Mental Arithmetic programme. 

Many believe that we are accustomed to using one side of the brain more than the other. Are your children creative and expressive? Then they are right brained. Logical and analytic? Left brained.

However, that doesn’t mean they will be doomed to fail in math if they love the arts or vice versa. It will never have to be one or the other with the help of CMA Institute, which has a specialised abacus programme that will stimulate both sides of your child’s brain. With that, your artsy lots can learn to embrace numbers without losing their creative flair.


  • CMA’s Abacus Mental-Arithmetic programme makes use of a specialized ‘two-hand, four-finger’ abacus method that was pioneered by them after 20 years of research and development.
  • CMA also incorporates online learning into its programme, allowing for flexibility in study schedules.
  • As it is an ability-based programme that is paced according to your child’s learning progress, you won’t have to worry about the little ones not being able to catch up. Benefits of the training include:

* Improved concentration levels
* Better memory levels
* Higher level of speed and accuracy
* Enhanced imagination

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