At One World International School, the mission is to enable every child to be a caring global citizen

“If you are looking for a school which offers a one world family atmosphere, is small enough to offer care and attention for each student and offers high quality international education, do come and visit us”, says Ms Elaine Goddard-Tame, Head of One World International School.

This school offers quality kindergarten and primary education for children between the ages of 3 to 12 years. The Early Childhood Centre provides a solid education in a structured play environment preparing every child for a smooth transition into the primary stage of learning.

As the school moves towards authorisation for Primary Years Programme International Baccalaureate) all children learn through an inquiry based curriculum and a structured programme of English and Math with Information Technology integrated throughout the learning experience.

The curriculum is further enriched through specialist lessons in speech and drama, various physical education activities including swimming and music. All children have daily mandarin lessons, differentiated for students of different abilities.

This campus has extensive facilities to include play areas, sports pitches, music and art room, extensive auditorium and library. It offers a one-world community atmosphere where parents are part of the school’s extended. Situated in the East Coast area, the campus is set in green and spacious grounds, offering tranquility
and peace away from the crowds.

At One World International School, the mission is to enable every child to be a caring global citizen, reach their
potential, have a sense of self worth, be confident, knowledgeable, articulate in more than one language and have enthusiasm and commitment on their personal journey of learning.

One World looks forward to welcoming you on a visit to its school.

Call (65) 6542 2285 or visit