Even if your child doesn’t become the next Beethovan, she’ll be doing better in Mathematics, Languages and make friends easily. That’s what service at Gramercy Music spells, and violin, one of the popular musical instruments, is a good art to learn.

Violin is an interesting musical instrument to play. One can create both happy and sad tunes with the violin. Tunes from violin can create a pleasant mood for everyone. Like all other instruments, it takes discipline and perseverance to master the violin but one can be play it well after some experience. Violin enthusiasts will testify that the violin is a happy instrument. For those who have taken an interest in playing violin, they go on to play it throughout their life, and with the right training, this journey becomes memorable. At Gramercy Music, violin students develop an innate understanding of the instrument, which in turn helps them create magical sounds. Playing violin benefits your child in ways that go beyond the realms of music.

Here’re the benefits of playing the violin.

Co ordination

Learning violin helps a person to improve her co-ordination skills as she would be using both the left and right hand to play the violin.


See your child’s confidence boost as she learns to perform in front of groups and later, on a larger scale, in front of a bigger audience.


It is a good way of relaxing for your child. Music therapy is a given with the violin as violin artists are known to report lower levels of stress after 30 minutes of playing the violin.

Musical knowledge

Music is a natural companion of violin. When your child learns to play the violin, her understanding of music improves and this means your child will be receiving all the benefits of music education.

Mental Concentration

Playing violin requires your child to get her attention attuned to the violin notes and remain focused. This helps violin students acquire the mental discipline and concentrate on specific tasks for longer periods of time. So playing the violin also helps your child improve his mental rigor.

Dexterity and Motor skills

Playing the violin means using one’s fingers in a flexible way. Your fingers become more flexible when one plays high notes on the violin. This makes way for inventing more tunes on her own where she is able to play even the hard notes easily. Plus the added task of co-ordinating your arms and fingers help improve motor skills as well.

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.”

–          Albert Einstein

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