To answer this, we have looked at the history of I Can Read in
Singapore from the eyes of its two Australian founders:
Tony Earnshaw and Annabel Seargeant

Tony worked as a Senior Educational Psychologist for the MOE around eight years ago, while Annabel set up a company called Total Literacy (Singapore) and began providing the reading programme in primary schools. She trained over 100 primary school teachers and the reading system was taught in more than 30 schools. The system was trialled first in five primary schools with such resounding success that the word quickly spread and teachers were wanting it. At that point, Total Literacy was approached by local investors wishing to open specific ICR literacy centres, and since then the success and reputation of the brand has grown in Singapore to a point where I Can Read is now a household name.

Following the meteoric success of the reading programme, Annabel andTony set out to develop pre-reading and post-reading programmes. After a child learns to read, Total Literacy centres teach comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, creative writing in all text types, oral presentation skills and all aspects of English literacy, using only qualified expat teachers with English as a first language.

Being qualified research psychologists, Tony and Annabel analysed carefully the 2010 MOE primary syllabus and have developed a programme thoroughly aligned with reading, representing, listening and viewing, STELLAR principles and Learning Outcomes for all six levels, resulting in the Primary English Programme designed specifically to meet the outcomes as described in the 2010 syllabus. Small groups and individual attention means that this enrichment is value for money.

Total Literacy Centres also offer free assessments, regular progress reports, student portfolios, parent/teacher meetings and individual monitoring. There are 20 centres in Singapore and around 60 throughout Australia and Asia. Check out their website for contact details for all centres and more programme information. Their Primary English Programme gets five stars!

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