DAS ACADEMY enables you to support individuals with learning differences.

DAS Academy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS). The main goal of the DAS Academy is to help improve the lives of individuals with learning differences. It aims to achieve this by tranfering its specialist knowledge to educators, professionals and parents who work with and support individuals with learning differences.

Recognised for its outstanding professional standing in the field of tertiary education and SpLD, DAS Academy works in collaboration with the government, educational and professional bodies to enable students to achieve excellence in the support of people with SpLD, in Singapore and in the region.

The DAS Academy develops academic programmes with an Asian perspective which is relevant to our educational environment. It also offers unique perspectives by integrating Eastern-and-Western-centric pedagogy. It strongly believes in a holistic approach to teaching and the programmes provide both a theoretical and practical approach with an emphasis on practical teaching. All staff and lecturers have a wide range of expertise in the field of education, psychology and specific learning differences

All DAS Academy lecturers have a minimum of 6 years experience, a double diploma in Dyslexia studies, a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Higher Education and have achieved or are in the process of attaining a Masters Degree qualification.

DAS Academy empowers you through its courses and workshops to support children with learning differences so that they can have success in learning.

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or visit www.dasacademy.edu.sg