Mrs Sam’s Learning Formula specialises in the delivery of an exceptionally effective series of educational programmes based upon a strong foundation in the English Language. These programmes are aimed at producing accelerated academic development in children between the ages of three and twelve.

In all began about thirty years ago, when Mrs Sam’s children became interested in reading and writing. Determined to match their learning capabilities with an ideal literacy programme. Mrs Sam endeavoured to design her own teaching methods. Gradually, her ideas and effort evolved into a viable methodology that worked with other children as well.

Over a thousand children have benefitted from her three main programmes.

Preparatory Programme (Age: 3 to 6 )

Basic foundation programme that teaches pupils, above the age of 3 years the essential skills of writing, reading and comprehension.

Sight Reading Programme (Age: 4 & above)

Intermediate programme designed to further enhance reading, grammar and comprehension skills as wells as to develop the love for reading.

Phonics Reading and Spelling Programme (Age: 4 & above)

Results-guaranteed flagship programme that enables children to read and spell phonetically, hence truly becoming independent readers and spellers.

“Before Thierry joined Mrs Sam, he was struggling to read and spell. He could not spell simple words. After I sent him to you, I was amazed at his progress. The phonics programme had given him the confidence to be able to spell out the words on his own.”

Ms. Joanne, Thierry’s Mum

“I would like to thank Mrs. Sam for designing this wonderful method of reading and writing. Without this programme, I would be at a loss on how to help my child in reading and spelling.”

Ms. Joanne, Eunice’s mum

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