At RG CHANNEL Future School, English is taught in a way that prepares your school for the future.

Aptly called the Future School, this centre has been making waves in the arena of English enrichment. Its progressive curriculum is based on programmes that fill the vacuum of school lessons, by infusing experiential learning into its lessons in every class. In fact, the focus is allowing each student to experience the ‘language’.

True to its mission, lessons at RG CHANNEL Future School are never boring. Each child is an enthusiastic participant as the whole programme is designed for the students to take away the living part of the language learning.

This allows for a happy by-product – the students’ academic standing in English improves as each child learns to connect the dots to make sense of the language in a broader perspective.

They learn advanced vocabulary, and know instinctively how to use them in context and become adept at writing skills that demonstrate a polished use of fine expressions and phrases. They do not merely memorise words and expressions and force them into their English compositions. They use sophisticated sentence constructions to convey their thoughts and feelings. They are inspired by the works of star writers and authors, as they are constantly exposed to quality writings, gathered from popular books.

These are strategic skills that cut the difference between an ‘A’ grade and a high ‘A’ grade. The focus on skills building through an immersive environment can help work wonders for your child’s English language ability, boost his scores and most importantly, build up his self-esteem as he becomes a clear and confident communicator, across all media.

RG CHANNEL offers a variety of courses for students of all levels to master the English language and succeed both academically and in life. Here, the educators believe that learning must be broad, adaptive,relevant and engaging.

Through its unique CAL2 framework for English and learning, students will benefit from the best methods and tools to help them in creative writing, critical reading,active thinking and skills vital for success in the 21st century. Raise a new generation of learners and leaders.


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